Change SteamPlayer name in SteamGroup (Left 4 Dead 2) game

1. This software aims to change the name of the video game steamplayer in "left 4 dead 2" played in the steamgroup.
2. Normally, the player will change the name of "SteamPlayer" to his/her own name by writing in the console   "setinfo name DudeSniper"(eg) for each map in the game. Things like this will be detrimental to the players because they always change their name in the game(any  map).

- To change the name of "SteamPlayer" with ease and not have to change the name in every game or at any map. Your name will be the default in the game.
- Use only once a lifetime... Hahahhahaha..



DOWNLOAD  -- Click to download

(Pastikan anda ada software winzip , micorosft/windows 7 dan 8 sebenarnya ada unzipper tu... )

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